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About Me

Jerry Ho

co founder

Jerry Ho mission is to pioneered value creation investment strategy to venture and growth capital for institutional and individual investors. As Co-Founder of LPPE, Jerry developed groundbreaking sustainable investment processes and built a team-based approach focused on strong operational capabilities, preserving capital and seek outstanding returns for investors across economic cycle.

Visionary is to be the partner of many great companies to accomplish accelerate growth and transformative change through merge and acquisitions and strategic investment, in partnership with capable management talents and distinguish investors.

Jerry has been actively investing in property development and hotels since 1998 and pocketing some hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. A remarkable return for his shareholders and a repeatedable basis.

His passion for travel never ends where he extended hisĀ  and co-founded and World First Online Travel Marketplace and aim to be World No 1 Travel Marketplace for Muslim.

Each icon’s recipe for success algorithm included selectively source investment opportunities, transformation science, substantive value creation, capitalizing the market, achieved sustainable returns, fostering talents and meaningful worthwhile.