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About Me

Jimmy Phoon

co founder

Mr. Jimmy Phoon has had almost 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the real estate agency business. He co-founded PropLeague Realty which has 4 branches and 200 agents. A true real estate professional, he is much sought after in both land and real estate transactions. His forte and passion is in Real Estate Investment Trust, having carved out a space in the rapidly growing sector. 

Jimmy joined MOC Capital Berhad in 2015, playing an active role in helping companies to create value and 

guiding them to IPO. He founded JPMS Berhad, an investment holding company in 2016. He currently sits on the board of Affluxury Berhad, Precession Capital Berhad, ALPS Holdings Global Berhad and Reactor Accelerator Berhad 

Jimmy believes in capital mechanism and strives to impart knowledge of capital mechanism to all his portfolio companies. He dedicated his career to build bankable companies.